Polynam has been in existence for some 45 years and has been located in Benrose for 30 years.

Originally the company specialised in the powder coating of mild steel for the Industrial and Commercial markets. It was later adapted to accommodate powder coating of particular bottles for the liquor industry.

In 1977, Polynam developed the principle of Duplex Coating (powder coating onto hot dipped galvanising) on behalf of Messrs, GKN Sankey for the Richard Bay Coal & Mineral Terminal. Because of the performance to outdoor exposure,  this system has been specified on the Cable Racking for numerous projects for example the South African Breweries and various mines (i.e.: Western Deep, JCI and ERGO Processing Plant)

In 1985, the building industry demanded a wider range of colours, higher standards and more stringent control from Architects and Developers. After extensive research overseas,  Polynam installed the necessary equipment to offer the market a 15 year Guarantee on powder-coating of Architectural Aluminium.

In October 1986, after an extensive audit from International Paints in the UK, Polynam became the first approved applicator for Interpon 'D' powders in Africa.

In 1989, Polynam, power coated aluminum for the first flush glazing  building in the U.K.

On the 18 September 1990, Polynam received the official permit authorizing the use of the SABS Standardization mark on Polynam brand coatings. These coatings are applied using the powder-coating process that complies with the requirements of Standard Specification SABS 1274-1979 Type 6.
SABS 1274-1979 Type 6 is the mark for the "Coatings applied by the powder-coating process for steel and aluminium" for outdoor exposure.

During September 1992, Polynam became a Ferro approved applicator for their Vedoc VP powders.

Due to the in increase in demand for high quality, powder coated aluminum we upgraded our plant and installed an automatic plant in Polynam in 1996   

As market requirements for stricter quality control of architectural aluminium products increased, a new mark was introduced for both powders and the powder-coating process on external aluminium; the new mark complied with the requirements of the Standard Specifications SABS 1578- 1 & 2:1993. After extensive research, the mark was published in 1997. On 27 November 1997, Polynam received the official permit authorizing the use of SABS 1578-2:1993 with powder-coating of architectural aluminium for external use.

During 1999 the Aluminium Surface Finishers Association (ASFA) began updating the specifications.The SABS and ASFA'S main objectives for introducing the new specification were:
        a)   To provide an architectural powder coating specification more in line with current world standards
        b)   To consolidate the two sections of SABS 1578 and eliminate the considerable confusion in the industry,
               -  Part-1: dealt with the manufacturing process of powders 
               -  Part-2: dealt with the application of architectural powders.
A new number for SABS 1578-2:1993 would clearly set the specification apart. After three years the new
SABS 1796:2001 was officially completed and on 1st November 2002,  SABS 1578-2:1993 was withdrawn. One of the significant change was the addition of a demonized tank in the pretreatment system whereby the applicator could apply for a 25 year guarantee from the powder manufacture.

On the 11 November 2002, Polynam (PTY ) LTD received the official permit authorizing the use of SANS 1796:2001 & SANS 1274: 2001 (Superseded SABS 1274: 1979)

In February 2004, we received confirmation from Akzo Nobel power coatings, after extensive testing, the certificate of approval to apply Interpon D3000 range of products. The Interpon D3000 range are the Advanced Durable Architectural Powder Coatings on Aluminium substrates, which dependant on the environmental conditions can apply a 20 - 25 year Guarantee on the powder coating. Polynam (Pty) Ltd is audited by the Akzo Noble Powder Coatings on a yearly basis.

In October 2005 we were audited by SABS & receded the official permit authorizing the use of SANS 1796: 2003 & SANS 1274: 2005 Type 2 & 6. Polynam (Pty) Ltd is audited by the SABS (South African Buraeu of Standards) twice a year.   

In November 2006 we were audited by Jotun Powder Coatings, Dubai, and received the official authorization to apply their products and obtain a 25 year Warranty on the application of their products. Polynam (Pty) Ltd, is audited by Jotun Power Coatings on a yearly basis.

Polynam is dedicated to supplying high quality products together with the best possible customer service to existing, new and potential customers.


Approved Applicator Certificates:

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